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The bumper books of Bill and Allen

Posted by Ken Edwards on Friday, June 10, 2016, In : Reality Street 
Phew! Allen Fisher's Gravity as a consequence of shape has at last gone to press - all 596 pages of it.

We're expecting the proof copy next week, and shortly thereafter will be sending out copies to the nearly 80 people who pre-ordered it as Supporter subscribers. The book, which collects together all the poems from the Gravity project (1982-2005) together for the first time, will also be on general sale from the end of June 2016.

Bill Griffiths' Collected Poems Volume 3, which weighs in at a s...
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Allen Fisher proposes

Posted by Ken Edwards on Wednesday, January 26, 2011, In : writing 

Here is the opening move from Allen Fisher's new book, Proposals:

When I first came to Crewe
I saw the death of my mind 
and started work again
to bring it back to life
through nourishment unknown
to me until then with
vegetables and fruit already
known with tactics
already tried and sometimes
previously tested until
on the third day after
the railway declined
I stood on the grime of
platform 5 and revived
my confidence in
a lack I now recognised
as necessary as demanding

It's a clear summatio...
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